Massage and Back Pain

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Most of us will experience back pain at some point. If you have an active life then there is no avoiding it.

For whatever reason, pushing yourself for that one more squat at the gym, a trip or fall, or maybe some longer term problem, when it hits you get painfully reminded of how much you actually use your back and how every single movement in everyday life requires you to use your back muscles.

There is the common miss-conception that most people, with back pain usually fear the cause is due to spinal issues or skeletal problems

This is usually not true.

Most back pain is usually caused by bad posture, excessive physical activity or… even stooping down to picking up your latest copy of Gay Times that fell off the coffee table. Pick it up with bad posture and you can jar your muscles.

A Massage can help

A Massage can help the healing process of back pain. Before we launch into the benefits of a good deep tissue massage its important to note that a massage is no substitute for medical advice or attention. If you have severe back pain that has persisted, get your doctor to check it out.

Increases the flow of blood to the muscles.

Relieves tension

Endorphin production Increase

Heat application

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