Naturist Massage - Gay Massage

Have a question about our massage services that isn’t covered in our blogs? It’s probably here, if not, pop us an email.

Can we have sex?

No, we are not an escort service.

Can i touch you back?

In a body to body massage yes you can.

Where are you based?

Each masseurs location in on their individual profiles.

Can i have a discount, i’m a student?

This is up to the individual masseur, some, while they understand the financial situation most students are in, do not do student discounts. Others, may do. speak to them direct

Can i have a discount, i’m hot?

The World is a wonderfully diverse place, but no.

I’ve been quoted a massage price somewhere else cheaper, will you price match?

Without wanting to be too blunt, No. You’re not buying a fridge from John Lewis, we don’t price match, if price is the major factor and you’ve been quoted cheaper, why not give them a try.

I’m bigger than the average guy, can i still have a massage?

Absolutely, we at Adonis love all body shapes and sizes

Do you have shower Facilities?

We have shower facilities at the studio available but the use of this will be within your appointment time. So please shower before your appointment.