It depends what massage you book and what your chosen masseur includes in thay massage.

Generally speaking, during a traditional Swedish or deep tissue where your masseur is clothed, you can usually not touch back. It’s best to assume this is the case unless your masseur advises otherwise.

The same also applies for a standard naturist massage. Even though both you and the masseur are naked, and the massage may be sensual or have a sensual element, again you can not usually engage in mutual touching.

In a body to body, deluxe massage and other ones where it specifily states mutual touching is allowed or encouraged, yes, you can touch your masseur. We alwasy say, if your not sure, just ask. We want you to enjoy your massage to the fullest.

It’s essential that you know what is and what is not included in the massage you book and you will not get a free upgrade during your massage so please make sure you book the massage type you want. we would not want you leaving unhappy because you really wanted a different type of massage.

Good news, You can however ask to upgrade your massage at any point if you want to. bare in mind you will be charged the full price of the upgrade regardless or when you decide to decide to do this and make sure you have extra funds if this may be something you want to do.