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We offer 8 types of Services

Our Services fall into three main categories. Traditional Massage, Naturist Massage and Social Companion.

Traditional Massage Services

A traditional massage is the type of massage you would book at a spar, all the focus is on you and usually has a holistic or healing purpose. Your Masseurs is always clothed, and the focus is always on both you and delivering the benefits of your chosen massage. The benefit of a gay masseur delivering this is firstly you get the benefits of a massage from a male masseur – the additional pressure and larger hands for example.

If you’re gay, getting a massage from a member of the opposite sex can be a little awkward, and getting a massage from a male masseur that is straight can we even more awkward at times. With a gay masseur you can relax knowing you and your masseur are on the same wavelength, you won’t feel self-conscious, you can speak freely and there won’t be any awkward moments.

Add onto this, you can safely argue no one know a guy body better than another guy. Which parts don’t like increased pressure and which areas really like a more sensitive touch. A gay masseur will now this more than most men, for obvious reasons.

Swedish Massage

Male to Male Swedish Massage
Traditional Swedish Massage

Traditional Relaxing massage

No mutual touching

Your masseur is clothed

Underwear or towel to cover your modesty.

A traditional Swedish massage has the main aim of pure relaxation. A full body massage that will relax your muscles and transport you to a world of pure bliss. A great massage to have after the stressful day at work.
A gentle to medium massage that your muscles may desperately need. It will help you to relax and may enhance the body circulation that can result in better sleep. Swedish massage is also called a classical massage and it’s a good fit if this is your first massage and you are a little nervous.
The five main techniques used in Swedish massage are stroking, gliding; kneading; rubbing and tapping.
We suggest having this massage after a busy day at work or as a relaxing treat. It will balance you out and release all the tension you build up during a day. Your mind can also benefit from this massage as much as your body. Click below for more information.

60 Mins Incall =£50

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Deep Tissue Massage

Male to Male Deep tissue Massage
Traditional Deep Tissue Massage

Traditional Deep and firm massage

No mutual touching

Your masseur is clothed

Underwear or towel to cover your modesty.

A traditional Deep Tissue massage is where more pressure is applied to your muscles in order to aid the healing process with injury, strain or DOMS etc . A stronger and firmer massage for all the guys who wants to get rid of aching muscle pain. Your muscles will thank you for it.
If you are suffering from aches that need something a little stronger than our Swedish, then a deep tissue massage may be just what your body needs. During this, the pressure is much more firmer and this is focused on the areas that need it, don’t worry, its ‘good pain’ but it is worth it as it may relieve pain and speed up the healing process.
Tissue needs to be properly warmed up before applying deeper pressure. It’s a step by step procedure. Most of the techniques are the same as the Swedish massage but the pressure is firmer and with it a much greater benefit. It’s a heaven for your muscles.

60 Mins Incall = £50

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Naturist Massage Services

Naturist Massage services are massages where both you and your masseur are fully as nature intended, naked. This can mean you can be more at ease as you’re not the only one in the room without any clothes, allowing you to truly relax. It also allows the masseur to add a sensual element to the massage if you wish to book that type of massage. Most do, but some just want a traditional massage where you can be naked and feel at ease because it’s not just you that’s in your birthday suit. In most Naturist massages include you to leave happy, but this is optional and again some guys choose not to have this.

Naturist massages include Standard Naturist Massage, Deluxe Naturist Massage, Couples Massage and 4 Hand Massage.

Standard Naturist Massage

Naturist Massage
Our Standard Naturist Massage

Can be either Swedish, deep tissue or sensual or a mix of all three.

No mutual touching allowed

You and your masseur are naked

A Standard Naturist massage is by not means ‘standard’, but refers to the massage not including mutual touching and is primarily focused around you and your scenes. In our opinion this is how every massage should be, both you and the Masseur are as nature fully intended. During this it can range from Swedish, deep tissue or sensual. This can be just pure relaxation, it can be deep tissue working on any muscles that need attention or sensual. Most people however choose to have a mixture of all three depending on what you want and what you need.

This type of massage does not include unrestricted mutual touching and the masseur primarily massages you with either hands or forearms, this can and is still a very sensual experience. (some minor mutual contact may occur)

If you’ve never had one, our Naturist massage is a whole new level of relaxation.

Incall – 60 Mins = £60 / 90 Mins = £90

Outcall – 60 Mins = £80 / 90 Mins = £120

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Deluxe Naturist Massage

The Deluxe Massage, it cant get better!
The Deluxe Massage, it cant get better!

This adds to a Naturist massage and Body to Body massage and takes it to a whole new level.
Mutual touching and body to body contact is not just allowed, but highly encouraged.

For those that only want the best, most sensual massage. Everything a massage has to offer…

Incall – 60 Mins = £100 / 90 Mins = £150

Outcall – 60 Mins = £120 / 90 Mins = £180

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4 Hand Massages

4 Hand Massage
The 4 Hand Massages with a selection of 5 star Masseurs

A 4 hand massage is where you have not one masseur, but two!

I can, and often do collaborate with other specially selected masseurs in Manchester to offer you 4 hand massages that go beyond your greatest expectations.

In-call or Out-call

Standard Naturist 4 Hand Massage

60 Mins = £120 / 90 Mins = £180

Deluxe Naturist 4 Hand Massage

60 Mins = £200 / 90 Mins = £300

Get in touch to for more info or to book

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Couples Massages

Gay Couples Massage
The Couples Massages at your home or hotel

A couples massage is a massage that you enjoy with a partner, lover, or with a specially selected mate.

A Massage for couples. This can be a Standard Naturist or a Deluxe Naturist

As out-call only

Standard Naturist Couples Massage

60 Mins = £80 / 90 Mins – £120

Deluxe Naturist Couples Massage

60 Mins = £120 / 90 Mins = £180

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Social Companion

Companionship Escorting

Need a dinner date, city guide, or Traveling companion? or just some company.

Why not combine this with one of the below massages for a great evening and an epic end to the evening.

£50 per Hour

Gift Certificate!

Yes, why not but that special someone a massage as a gift?

A 5 star out of this world massage is sure to make their day. Maybe for a birthday, just because or maybe they just need some much needed R&R.

Alternatively, is if your anniversary, get a couples massage for a great start or end to that special day?

I offer lovely printed gift certificates for you to present to them to make it even more special.

Email me for more info and to purchase.