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Why Choose Adonis Massage

Reliability and Choice

We are gay male massage therapist however we cater for all men including gay, bisexual or straight clientele. We pride ourselves on reliability of service, both when you are booking your appointment, and when we are delivering it. Once your booking is confirmed, we will never cancel it, and every massage we do is always of the best quality and highest satisfaction.

We have a wide choice of massage types available as both in-calls at our Manchester City centre studio or as out-calls within the city centre to either you home or hotel.

The Swedish massage is perfect if you just want to lie back and relax and a Deep Tissue massage is great if you have DOMs, muscle soreness or any other reason you may need a much firmer touch.  

Our Naturist Massage is where both you and the masseur are fully as nature intended and our very popular Body to Body massage takes a Naturist Massage to a whole new level and allows mutual touching and body contact.

The last two massage options are if you want to change the ratios a little. You can have a 4 Hand Massage (With you and 2 Masseurs at the same time) or a Couples Massage (Two of you and one masseur).

For more info on any of the above have a look at our massage services.

Trained and Reviewed Massage Therapists

At Adonis massage we believe if you book a massage, you deserve a massage that exceeds your expectations. We are qualified and highly experienced gay male masseurs and deliver both quality and discretion.

We are trained, trusted and reviewed, and always aim to give you one of the best services in the city. Despite offering the same massaged we each have our own unique style, and we each have very friendly but very different personalities. We also have varied interests so can hold a conversation about most things, if you feel like chatting that is. We are also confident enough to just stay silent if all you want to do is chill out and relax. As well as giving you a great service, we also take the time to find out what you are looking for, how much pressure you like, and any requests you may have so we are able to tailor the massage for you. After all, everyone is different.

With more 5 star reviews (and only 5 star reviews) and testimonials than you can shake a stick at, we can safely say you’re are in good hands. Have a look at our reviews on our individual profile pages, or, if you have had a massages with us please give us a review.

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Hassle Free Booking

Everyone is busy and making your massage appointment should be effortless. With us you can book by phone or email, but the best and fastest way to book is using our online booking system. This means just fast, simple, clear and confidential booking without the need for texting, calling or emails if you don’t want to and you just want to secure your appointment.

Our system is up to date and live and we maintain open diaries to ensure this is the quickest and easiest way to book, meaning if our system says we are available for massage, we are defiantly available. We are also available to contact and book by phone, text or WhatsApp if you have any questions or requests.

Last minute appointments are available too, if you want an appointment within the next 30 mins you can message us to book and we can book you in if we are free. Advance booking is better, but if you are also wanting a late night massage, we advise advance booking too.

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