KYLE Joins the Adonis Team

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Hi Kyle here, im really excited to join the Adonis Massage Team. ive been offering massages as a passion for quite some time, like James and Zac, this compliments me being a Personal Trainer. (not yet qualified but nearly there). … Continued

What is a Hot Stones Massage?

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In a hot stones massage, as the name would suggest, smooth round are gently heated and then placed on the body. The stones are then used by your masseur to massage away your aches and pains and bring you to … Continued

Lockdown 3.0.

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With the third round of imprisonment, errrm, sorry ‘lockdown’, nearly, hopefully, coming to an end, I thought it time to give you an update on my massage offerings in Manchester and how we can all make it out of this … Continued

National Working Naked Day

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Yes, it’s Working Naked Day and we love it. We at Adonis work naked all the time, in fact, we believe the best massages are always given naked. its the way nature intended us to be. National lockdown there is … Continued

My New Massage Oil Blend

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By James in Manchester (I couldn’t find a nice picture of a guy holding an orange. So… I went for one IN orange, and it kind of fits in with the latter part of my blog). It has again come … Continued

Lockdown 2.0

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Lockdown 2.0 ending is just over a week away. ‘Thank f@&k for that’ We hear you cry. Yes, we do too. Lockdown is tough, sometimes boring and not great for getting your regular massage.With that in mind, Adonis Massage is … Continued